factoryA team of experienced and very creative mechanical engineers work alongside with highly skilled architectural engineers at “Founoun”. Their input and efforts helped carry forward the stone industry from mostly selling stone blocks to the local and international markets to designing and creating decorative items required by architects for both inside and outside of the construction projects . This team aims to gather sufficient information from the clients and create a special and unique design custom-made piece for every client that best reflects their vision, need and taste. Our architectural team will make sure to create your concept and bring to reality.
Our space is perfectly allocated to accommodate the machinery and equipment’s required to create our clients’ artwork. Our working area occupies a space of almost 1200m² and equipped with the high-end equipments and technology. Based on our knowledge in this field, and with our vision to raise the level of work in the stone industry, we introduced the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and the Waterjet operating at a pressure of 4200 psi machines to add value to the stone sector in Palestine.
Our CNC 5 Axis up-to-date machines result in accurate and precise designs, no other technique can produce the fine cuts and detailed outstanding work. However, we believe in our experienced team whom we consider to be our main Capital. With their wide experience, loyalty and skills, any design can be drawn and created with high-end finish. We value our team who is capable of handling their profession efficiently and deliver well-finished stone pieces tailored to fit the client’s request.