The well anticipated birth of ‘Founoun – Art of Carved Stone’ was realized in August of 2013.With a natural passion for stone brings forth a commitment of excellence.

A huge  Investment in a state – of – the art stone facility that houses the latest in the world’s CNC 5 axis machine and Water jet Machine, crafting technology and high Capacity production line brings forth an exquisite opportunity to create elegant masterpieces.

The introduction of high technology made it possible to achieve the most complex workmanship in stone within a short period, in spite of the complexity high skills and vision this type of business is required.

We are dedicated to provide our clients with elegance in Stone through uncompromising quality, reliability, commitment, and service.

A team of experienced and very creative mechanical engineers work alongside with high skilled architectural engineers to carry forward the stone industry from mostly selling stone blocks to the local and international markets to designing and creating decorative items required by architects for both inside and outside of the construction projects.

We are proud to have an impressive portfolio of projects and clients, ranging from prestige projects to numerous smaller ones.

Founoun has proved to have an outstanding experience in the stone world, from the private residence architect to produce standard building stone for commercial projects and art stone piece with the local designers and artist, Weather cladding or artistic products for commercial development, tiles and mosaics for major projects, exotic houses, gardens or even a masterpiece for your own home.

Rest Assure, you can rely on us.

Arts of Carved Stone “Founoun” strives to take the ancient yet well-known Jerusalem Stone craftsmanship into a new era delivering cut to specification finished product that is beautifully designed, superbly produced and installed to the very highest standard with a vast array of colors and finished products will provide engineers, buyers and distributors with a spectrum of choices that suites their specifications and needs under a competitive price structure.

Our vision for Founoun include and for the 1st time in Palestine and the Region, a female dominant staff which will consistent of managers, administrative staff, engineers, designers, technicians and marketing managers. This type of business is intricate and requires vision, creativity and skills.

Adding to this formula the integral touch by women designers and engineers under a 75% female dominant staff will help create extraordinarily beautiful pieces to decorate and make your project standout.